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Wealth Dynamics

Find your authentic self as 1st step to Wealth Creation Like most of my generation I was taught to work on my weaknesses and have spent a lot of time and energy “fixing” myself.

Till I asked myself the question: “What if there is nothing 'wrong' with us?”

“What if the things we see as shortcomings are actually our strengths?” “What would we be capable of if we focused on our strengths and the things we were good at?” Wouldn’t we be much happier, more fulfilled and feel much more competent?”

I set out to test this assumption and found it a liberating experience. I no longer need to live up to anyone’s expectation, not parents, not siblings, not society, only my own. I am being much more lenient with myself, and feel much more content and peaceful.

Trying to conform to other people’s idea of who, what and how I should be I lost something of the ‘real’ me. It has been a process to rediscover who and what I truly am, unfettered by the internal voices programmed by others. You know the one that says “you should, must, have to, ought to”, when you don’t want to, or, on the other hand, “you shouldn’t, mustn’t, can’t” if actually you want to or would like to. I am not talking about unethical, immoral, or things that are just completely bad for you, or hurt other people, I am talking about things that seem and are wholesome, natural and right.

What does finding your true, authentic self have to do with “wealth creation”?

When we are able to express ourselves fully, we show more of ourselves and we are ‘in the FLOW’. If you are in the flow, it is like opening a tap to abundant living. We attract circumstances and experiences that feed the ‘soul’ and in the process generate wealth. This is the real secret of "Wealth Creastion", "The Secret", and the "Law of Attraction".
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Wealth profile

We each have a profile where we resonate at our highest frequency and are most likely to attract wealth. If we try to play the roles in the other profiles, especially if it is for prolonged periods of time, we usually come short, or it is an inordinate struggle, and we compromise our wealth creation.

Roger Hamilton in his book “Your Life Your Legacy” writes about these profiles, and backs his findings up using examples of the wealthiest men of our time like Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, and many more. It is definitely on my recommended Wealth Creation reading list.
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After reading this book I realised why I have often felt like a round peg in a square hole. What came naturally, I took for granted and thought everyone could do it. “Not so.”

True Wealth

True Wealth is what we have left when we have lost all our money. I am sure you have seen some impoverished souls who have lots of money, especially in the entertainment industry.

Wealth Creation

Following are a few things that will assist you in your path to getting into your flow and creating your wealth.
  1. Know your wealth profile and spend 80% of your time in your profile for the greatest leverage to get into the flow.
  2. Know your purpose, focus on your vision, and live your destiny. Do what you love and love what you do.
  3. Manage your finances so that you save and invest money, live on less than you earn and have no debt. Don’t work for money, make money work for you.
  4. Live a balanced lifestyle. Your health, family, relationships, and joy, is as important as making a living. What’s the use of making money and not being able to enjoy it? Take time out for fun, recreation, hobbies, and holidays.
  5. Chill! Relax!


MY MOTTO ...If you chase the love of doing something, rather than chasing the money, the money will eventually start chasing you...
    - S Wilker

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