Time Management; Who's doing the managing? You? Or Time?

Time Management

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Are you managing your time or are you swept along by circumstance (some people call this “going with the flow”)?

Do more with your time, make the most of your life

Are you frustrated because you don't get to the really important things often enough and you work your butt off? Is it all work and no play – even though you work more efficiently and more effectively than ever before?

Achieve exceptional results in managing time

You can only expect marginal results when you change your Time Management style and schedule. To get exceptional results, use that right-brain creativity you've always had, to come up with winning new ideas and solutions to get into the zone and flow.

Get in the zone

When in the zone:
  • employees do not have to be motivated, they are motivated.
  • less effort is needed to get things done when you are in the zone
  • you find yourself self-motivated, more disciplined, getting things done.
Time stands still in the zone: it's the place of focus and natural concentration - we've all been there. The trick is to know how to get there quickly and easily. This is not the type of standstill where you check your watch often, only to find a bare 5 minutes has passed. No, here an hour has passed and you don't know where it's gone. And you have got a lot done. The zone is the place of real productivity, where you are in the flow. Time has a different dimension. It is like paddling your canoe down a river, speeding along, in full control (in the flow) as opposed to being swept down the river without oars (going with the flow). We usually experienced flow while at our favourite hobby. We work for long periods without getting tired: we are never bored. Organisations would do well to do a match of personal and organisational values, and marry them, for unbelievable time management results.

Requirements for flow:

  • Effortless focus, fully engaged.
  • Calm, relaxed, unhurried.
  • Automatic pilot.
  • Ease, fun/pleasure.
  • Desire, want to do it.
  • Positive attitude.

…….This is not something you have to do. It is a state of being. It happens to you, and you are that, when you are there. You don’t do it, it does you.

How do you create flow?

Do the things that excite you, that you feel passionate about, which serve your values, and support you in living your purpose. Know what results you want. Know why you are doing it.

Note: Feeling stressed or pressurised is usually bad news for getting into the flow. Make time and space available for this. More effective Time Management will be an automatic result of this.

What stops you getting into the flow?

  1. When it doesn’t feel right
  2. If you try too hard

What stops you taking ACTION in the first place?

First and foremost, a lack of self belief or self confidence, and/or:
  • If you haven’t made a decision yet.
  • If you haven’t committed to the decision you have taken.
  • If there is a conflict between your values, beliefs for different areas of your life.
  • If you are doing something that is against your principles, beliefs, priory rules, or upbringing, sense of community, family or clan.
  • If there is some other unknown resistance.

What are the telltale signs that you are not in the flow?

  • Procrastination.
  • Menial or other busyness that has nothing to do with furthering your cause.
  • Mindless activity like sitting in front of TV the whole evening and you can’t remember a thing.
  • Indulge in addictions; eating, drinking, smoking, drugs, etc.
  • Avoidance tactics; spend a lot of time playing computer or card games, Soduko, crosswords, etc.
  • Get, or create chronic interruptions.
  • Perpetually have to fight fires.
  • Feel tired, depressed or stressed out.
  • Feel frustrated, bored or stagnant.
  • Accident prone.
  • When things are really out of balance you get ill, feel sick, or are in pain.

What else can have an impact on flow?

Clutter of any kind; Financial, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Familial has a direct impact on Time Management. If you have to find something in a cluttered, unordered environment, it takes longer.

Why not contact me for assistance to identify your Values, Purpose, or to find out how to Maximise your time and make the most of your life. Click here for assistance with Time Managament.


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