Soul Purpose Manifestation

Ego Purpose or Highest Soul Purpose

There are 2 types of purpose; that of the Ego and that of the Soul.

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Ego Purpose

The Ego would want things that would enhance image and it is about the individual; like
  • status (top of the range cars, big house, lots of money, most beautiful partner),
  • recognition (medals, it is about who they know and mix with, the best, the biggest, etc, not for its own sake, but for recognition), and so on.
  • power over (control through fear, threaten loss, belittling)
To fulfil ego purpose may take more willpower, determination, force, effort and responsibility.

Soul Purpose

The Soul would want things that would benefit the bigger picture, the universe, the planet, the collective:
  • push the boundaries of existence (explore, learn, experience, do new things),
  • service to humanity (not in the service profession where it is what you do for a job and hate it, but when it is a calling and you love it),
  • save something; species, the planet
  • find cures for ills ( not a quick fix that makes other things go wrong )

Soul purpose is not intent on making money, but usually does in the process, because there is an exchange of energy and value. Soul purpose usually unfolds easier, with less effort. This does not mean a life without challenges. You will have your fair share of struggle, temptations and hurdles. However, you will feel as though you are singing in tune.

To find your Soul Purpose, you need to listen to that faint voice inside you that has been egging you on, whispering to you in the quiet times. The small voice that you have been ignoring because you believe you can’t do it, and have a million reasons, explanations, and justifications, why not.

Make space

If we are frenetically trying to make, do, have, be…..(fill in the blanks), there is no space/time to hear that special small voice.

We need to slow down, way down, to what I call, “still point”.

Mediation or Prayer

Good practice to slow down to still point is meditating or praying.
What I mean by prayer, is not about “gimme”, “gimme” (“gimme” = give me: filling your mind with the things that you want, because then you are focusing what you don’t have, and you get more of that).
It is also not meditation focusing on sound, breath, flame, walking, or whatever, though these techniques may help to quiet the mind. It is not trying to do or achieve anything.

Quiet Mind

It is an open ‘being-ness’, a quiet mind, without thought. It is not making thoughts wrong. Thoughts are normal. It is becoming aware of how many thoughts mill through our minds all the time. Allow them, even thank them and clear them. You will know when you slip into and out of the “still point”.

Practice is key

Regular practice is key. To practice, it would help if you choose a place where you will not be disturbed, at the same time, the same place, to en-train the “blabbermouth” mind. In the beginning you may only catch glimpses of the silence between the thoughts that swamp you, or not. Just continue with regular practice, whatever the outcome.


Having a journal handy to capture ideas could be good practice…. and it may be a hindrance. If you try to remember good ideas, you will lose the space. So if something pops into your mind, write it down and return to practice. The hindrance is that it may become a space for generating ideas, even fabulous ideas, rather than a practice to quiet the mind. There is nothing wrong with generating great ideas, just realise what you are doing. It is about raising your conscious awareness.

The journal is for the question:
“What is the one thing I have always wanted to do, but don’t get to?” - Write the answer. Stick it up somewhere. Refine it. Consider it daily.

Answer the questions:

  • “What can I do today that will further/support this?”
  • What is the most essential thing for me to do today to get the greatest results?”

Write the action steps in your diary.
!!!!! Make time to do it!!!!!

Don’t let life pass you by and at eighty realise what you have missed by not doing anything about it.

The ‘high’ I get from assisting people to find their Soul Purpose, is better than the ‘kick’ of any ‘forbidden’ substance.

Wouldn’t you like to take the first step into an exciting new life to manifest and live your Soul Purpose!

My Pleasure
I would be honoured to assist you with the process.

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