Self-sabotage; Why do we do it?

Self-sabotage; the cross we bear

I know it doesn't make sense, but we trip ourselves up on a daily basis. There are ways to check whether we are interfering with our own plans. It is only once we recognise that we are undermining ourselves that we can do something to change it.

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Step 1: Raise Awareness: -

So raising awareness of what we are doing in the moment is the first step to stop our self-sabotage. We cause ourselves so much pain, guilt, problems and heartache that it is unbelievable that we continue with it. The only reason we continue with it is because it has become second nature and we don't recognise that we are doing it when we do, i.e. it has become a habit, and we think that is the way we are.

AND we have choice in this.

Step 2: Choose to change: -

This is not how it has to be. We can change it. The next step is to recognise that we have choice and choose to change.

If you wish to learn more about changing from these self-destructive habits to self confidence and self promotion, without having to be arrogant or self-serving, please drop me a line and tell me what you are are struggling with.


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