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Andrea J Lee - Coaching to make an 8-figure income from Coaching

Bruce Muzik - Has created some great products to "Relax and attract wealth"

Donna Gunter - Online Marketing University

Marcia Wieder - Deam Coach

DR Tony Fiore - Anger Coach

DIETS, Weight Loss Products, to move from "Flab" to "FAB"!

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Andrea J Lee - Coaching to make an 8-figure income from Coaching

Money, Meaning and Beyond. Strategies to put you on the fastest path to make money.
Pink Spoon Marketing. The best way to get results with marketing.
Multiple Streams of Coaching Income. Stop working for money. Make money work for you.
Power of Collaboration. Make collaboration work wonders for your business.

Online Biz University

The goal of course? Get rid of 100 things you’re living with, putting up with, or “tolerating” and reap huge rewards in your life and business as a result. Simple.

By zapping tolerations, this program clears the way for you to make more money, make you more attractive to yourself and others, give you more time do what you want, evolve you more quickly, improve your relationships, and of course, help you attract clients!

If this sounds appealing, this course may be for you. The Program includes 4 Live TeleClasses, checklists, notes and recordings.Become toleration free - a short 4-week program

Leadership in Coaching - Telesummit

The Multiple Streams concepts have been in circulation for a while now, with the result that many multiple streams businesses have become viable enough to advance towards 7 figure incomes.

This package of audio programs contains five powerful strategies for making Multiple Streams of Income work at an advanced level.

This Advanced Audio Program Package is a highly distilled set of 5 strategies that supports that outcome. Approximately 40 minutes each, the set contains 5 recordings presented by Andrea J. Lee (approximately 200 minutes of listening).

Advanced Strategies for multiple streams of coaching income
Are you ready to step-it-up and play a bigger game with your clients?

Online businesses are growing at an alarming rate, and many online business owners find themselves ‘tapped out’. They simply can’t do it all themselves anymore and are desperately seeking someone to help them grow and manage their business - they are looking to hire an Online Business Manager (OBM).

If you business has hit the 1/4 million speed-bump, you definately need an Online Business Manager

Become an online business manager (printed book)
COACHING BY EXAMPLE in collaboration with Barbara Sundquist Master Coach No Matter How Well Trained You Are In 'How To' Coach... ...That's The 'Technique of Coaching'

There's No Substitute For hearing coaching unfold in a live dynamic environment with real clients.

By 'Soaking In' Great Coaching Your Coaching Becomes More Masterful

Now You Can Immerse Yourself In Great Coaching

Coaching by example 9 CD-series
Working virtually as so many of us do, our inboxes literally become our offices. When our inboxes get out of control it is the equivalent of walking into an office covered in paper, folders, books, sticky notes, etc.

An inbox out of control can be a real drag on your motiviation (and hence your bottom line).

Cleaning up the flow of your inbox can help improve the flow of your business.

Escape from e-mail Hell
How not to mess up a Joint Venture; Negotiate a deal that works for both parties involved and learn how to broach the topic of splitting the money.
How not to mess up a joint Venture
FREE Teleseminars to attract paying customers
A Minute-By-Minute Template: Exactly What to Say, When, and How To Effortlessly Generate New Business via TeleSeminars, so you can get to 5-figure leads for your business.

If you’ve been leading some pretty darn good TeleSeminars - BUT… you can’t make them pay... or... just starting out, this product will be for you.

Templates With specific verbiage to get the timing right that influences people to buy.

How to lead free teleseminars
MEASUREMENT: Make more money in less time
You need to measure whatever you are doing to know what is working and what not in order to make more money in less time.
How to measure what matters
Know how to price your products and services so people will be happy to pay what you are asking.
How to Price your Coaching Products and Services
Its about finding Your Path in Life’s Most Challenging Moments
In case of emergency ask questions
A business blueprint used daily by 6 & 7 figure coaches
  • More than a dozen proven ways to package your coaching in addition to 1-on-1 sessions
  • How to build a legacy that will outlast you
  • The way one coach created a 30 page interactive coaching ebook that's now had 20,000 readers
  • A coaching approach to marketing
  • How to take a Bold, Outrageous, Provocative stand for your clients
  • Multiple streams of coaching income book
    The two CDs together contain 130 minutes of recorded coaching conversations plus commentary from Barbra Sundquist (Certifying Examiner for the International Association of Coaches (IAC) and Certified Mentor Coach), allowing you to absorb the nuances of one style of masterful coaching, and come to understand why Barbra coached as she did through her commentary after each segment.
    Sound of Coaching CD

    Multiple Sources of Income Money Meaning Pink Spoon Marketing


    ***Start Your Own Life Coaching Business***

    How did 10 ordinary people build a thriving coaching business earning $30,000 - $1.4 million every year?

    Finally, 10 coaches reveal exactly how they did it and how you can do it too! Find out here: 10 Super Coaches reveal all


    Bruce Muzik - Has created some great products to "Relax and attract wealth"

    Relax and Attract Landing Page
    Relaxation For Wealth
    Relaxation For Manifestation
    Designer Life Events Page
    His Blog

    Designer Life Default page

    LAW OF ATTRACTION not working? Click here to get BIG results in 21 days.

    Donna Gunter - Online Marketing University

    click meCreate massive online visibility. Hundreds of articles, tutorials, audio interviews with experts, step-by-step marketing teleclasses, active discussion groups, and more tel you how to do it! ..and.. get discounts on upcoming training programs and new information products.
    Internet Marketing Training helps turn your Professional Service into a Profitable Business.

    DREAM COACH - Marcia Wieder (Transformational Leadership)

    ANGER COACH - Dr Tony Fiore, Ph.D. (Licensed Psychotherapists) & Associates

    DIETS, Weight Loss Products, to move from "Flab" to "FAB"!

    Negative Calorie Diet
    Cheat Your Way Thin
    Master Cleanse Secrets 10-Day Diet
    Kick-Butt Cellulite Reduction Plan
    How to Fight Type-2 Diabetes and Win


    Addiction Free Forever Program
    Conquer Stress Forever
    How To Fight Type-2 Diabetes And Win
    Acne Free In 3 Days


    Golf Swing Guru
    Long Lost Fly Fishing Secrets
    Rock Climbing Essentials


    Become A Lethal Weapon
    How To Look Stylish
    Novel Writing Made Easy
    Profitable Photography
    Home Decorating Made Easy
    Memory Training For Students
    Rocket Piano


    My Out Of Control Teen
    How To Have Your Fairytale Wedding
    How To Be An Expert Persuader
    Save Your Marriage


    Business Plan Made Easy


    Get The Money


    9 Essentials to consider BEFORE you get a website
    Review of your website with a report to indicate what would make it more compelling for Search Engine Ranking and Potential Customers and Clients.
    Unlimited Web Traffic
    Website Design Tutorials
    Create your own instant website Automated Web Business Solution at the click of a button, plus FREE Search Engine Optimization training document.


    Memory Training For Students of all ages

    Mind Sync - Highly effective meditation without years of practice synchronizing left and right hemispheres using advanced sound technology.


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