Prevent osteoporosis. Vegetables and nuts are better sources of calcium than cow's milk.

Osteporosis can be aggravated by milk products

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Why you should avoid using cow’s dairy products if you want to avoid osteoporosis.

Cow’s milk is for calves, not humans.

Cow’s milk is designed to turn a 30kg calf into a 275 kg cow in 6 months.The calcium, protein (300% more casein than mother’s milk), iron, phosphorous and essential fatty acid content is very different from human milk. It is high in cholesterol, low in carbohydrates and contains no fibre.

Difficult to digest

Cow’s milk curds are dense and difficult to digest. Low-fat and skimmed milk’s protein content is even higher, and has been shown to produce a higher calcium loss through the urinary tract.

After age 3 (when we are weaned) we do not secrete the enzyme rennin that breaks down milk protein, nor the enzyme lactase to digest lactose (milk sugar) and transform it to sugars that our body can use (glucose and galactose). Mature animals' and humans' bodies are not geared to drink milk.

Processed milk

Calves fed only processed milk, died.

Creates allergies

Cow’s milk allergies create problems in the respiratory and/or digestive tracts with symptoms like post-nasal drip, sinusitis, excess secretion of mucous, catarrh, asthma, eczema, hayfever, vomiting, bronchitis, urticaria, sleeplessness, headaches, pimples, oedema (water retention), gas, constipation, diarrhoea, spastic colon, abdominal pain, and persistent colic. The allergies are caused by casein and beta lactoglobulin.

When (cow’s) diary products are removed from the diet, the problems often clear up completely.

Hormones and antibiotics

Cows get injected and/or fed synthetic hormones to increase milk production.To prevent and treat mastitis, cows are fed antibiotics.Guess where this all lands up…in our bodies. It has been linked to increased incidence of cancer, especially breast cancer.

Best sources of calcium for healthy bones

100g tahini (sesame seed butter) = 11260 mg calcium
100g almonds = 254 mg calcium
1 cup broccoli = 178 mg calcium
5 dried figs = 135 mg calcium

100 ml milk = 118mg calcium of which only part is available (indigestible).

Bad eating habits

If you eat highly acidic food daily, e.g. vinegar, it can cause osteoporosis because it leeches calcium from your bones (if you do not have sufficient intake).

People who do not consume cow’s milk have less signs of osteoporosis.

Helpful habits to improve calcium absorption

  • Eat more apricots, sardines, salmon, shrimps, brazil nuts, almonds, broccoli, sesame seeds, parsley, brewer's yeast, globe artichokes, pumpkin seeds, cooked dried beans, cabbage, spinach, winter wheat, prunes, seaweed, quinoa, dark leafy greens and soya products.
  • Smoke less
  • Limit alcohol intake
  • Reduce caffeine, tannin (tea)
  • Exercise more, especially weight bearing movements(jogging, jumping, walking, dancing).

NOTE: If you haven't done any exercise for a long time, start slowly. Trampoline/rebounder is excellent as this also helps with lymph drainage.

High risk categories

  • Post-menopausal women.
  • People with eating disorders and malnutrition.
  • people on a hi-protein diet.
  • The aged. When we are young the bone regenerates itself, but as we get older it stops doing this and our bones become more brittle and porous.
Will probably need supplementation.

How much calcium do we need?

RDA Child 600mg Adult 800 mg
Athletes need more because of the stress of exercise 1,600 mg - 2,000 mg.
Toxicity: Problems of excessive calcium intake arises from other factors like excessive Vit D intake (above 25,000 ius or 2,500mg per day), may interfere with absorption of other minerals, and may lead to calcification of soft tissues like the heart and kidneys (kidney stones).
Helpers: Works well in ratio 3:2 Calcium : Magnesium and 2:1 Calcium : Phosphorous, Vit D (sunshine) and Boron.
Robbers: Hormone imbalances, lack of hydrochloric acid and excess fat or phosphorous hinders absorption.
Stress causes increased excretion.
Best source: Calcium amino acid chelate or citrate is better absorbed than calcium carbonate.
When you read labels you need to look at the elemental quantities.
NOTE: Calcium gluconate is only 9% elemental calcium (the amount of calcium put into the pill). Calcium carbonate is (40%), calcium acetate (23%), calcium citrate (21%), calcium lactate (14%), milk is less than 1%
Of this percentage of elemental calcium, even less gets absorbed. Controlled studies show the following absorpbtion: carbonate (39%), acetate (32%), citrate (30%), milk (27%). As you can see much more is excreted than ever reaches the body.

Deficiency Symptoms

Brittle bones (rickets), insomnia, muscle cramps, heart palpitations, brittle nails, osteoporosis.

Health & Nutrition Resources:

The Optimum Nutrition Bible - Patrick Holford
Optimum Sports Nutrition - Dr Michael Colgan
Vitamins and Healthfood Supplements - Rita Greer & Dr Robert Woodward
Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine - Michael Murray N.D. & Joseph Pizzorno N.D.
Staying Healthy with Nutrition - Elson M. Haas M.D.
You are what you eat - Dr Gillian McKeith
Reader's Digest guide to Natural Medicine.


Useful Resources in South Africa

National Osteoporosis Foundation of South Africa
helpline: 0861 102265
Osteoporosis risk quizz: Click here to do the quizz.


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