Want to lose weight? Make sure you burn fat.

Do you want to lose weight or feel good?

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Lose weight

Losing weight is not always the answer.

Why losing weight is not the answer
Don't you want to look good and more importantly feel good? .

Our programming is to try and find and regain what we have lost.

First of all, if you say you want to lose weight, it means that you have to find it again, which is what happens with most of us as soon as we go off the diet we are on. We pile the weight back on and land up with more of it than before, not so? So we go on the next diet, drink tablets, buy potions and lotions and so on. The name for this as you well know is yo-yo dieting.

Guess what… it is not about losing weight, this is something that the weight losing gurus, apothecaries and anyone who wants to sell you something will tell you to do. We all know it doesn’t work to lose weight in the long run, and yet we hope that the next time we lose weight it will stay off.

Looking good?

A woman’s real allure is in the fact that she is different from a man. She has curves, like landscapes, valleys and mounds. The ideal woman is not supposed to look like a stick-insect, even if we have been made to believe this is what a woman is supposed to look like. Do you think someone who looks like a bag of bones, as if they have just come out of a concentration camp, is beautiful?

What determines what women should look like?

Isn’t it fashion and the media? Why do you think fashion designers want women to look like young boys without boobs, hips and bum? To be a good clothes horse?

We are all unique and different. Vive la difference!

We have different natural body structures; mesomorphs, endomorphs and ectomorphs. We were not supposed to all look the same.

Dieting makes you ill, fat and ugly.

How often have you seen scrawny women with thin scraggly, dull looking hair and sunken eyes? They are nutrient deficient, may even be bulimic or anorexic.

Bottom line for looking good is a Lifestyle change.

The only thing that works in the long run is a change of lifestyle, permanently. The bottom line to lose weight, is to change your habits. If you want to look good your calorie intake needs to balance with your calorie expenditure. You have to use up the energy you put into your mouth. If you don't move, you're just not going to lose weight, nor fat, which is what you really want to have less of.

If you eat enough, your body does not grab onto each calorie you consume and turn it into fat. Which means you can eat a few more calories than you expend, because you excrete it. If however you are always in starve mode, every single calorie not directly necessary for body functions, is jealously turned into fat. That is the reality of it.

Essentials to a thinner, slimmer, trimmer body.

  • Be active: Any activity, being in motion, as in exercise, dancing, gardening, walking, hiking, martial arts, climbing, swimming, carrying, etc. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism, the better you feel. Do what you love doing as you will be much more likely to keep it up.
  • Breathing: preferably heavy breathing and/or deep breathing. Breathing helps burn calories and fat.
  • Optimum hydration: drink enough water for your lifestyle and environment. If you drink enough water you help your body eliminate toxins which means you absorb more nutrients and you feel more satisfied with the food you have eaten.
  • Excellent Nutrition: If you eat nutritious food, your body is more easily satisfied. Empty calories cause insulin overload that is similar to the stress response and overtaxes the kidneys. Sugar and alcohol are the biggest culprits for this, so reduce this to a minimum, otherwise you will definiftely not lose weight. It is no wonder there are so many people suffering from diabetes these days. We have developed an incredible sweet tooth as a species. See the article on “sweetness”.
  • Sufficient sleep: You need to find what the optimum amount of sleep you need.
  • Eustress: Enough stress for you to be comfortable and motivated, but not overwhelmed. See how to manage your stress.

    Reduce caloric intake, but don't starve yourself, because this is counter-productive.

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