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Live Life Purpose

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Share your Gift! ... I believe we all have something to offer. All our experiences, good and bad, our heritage, our genes, our clan, our community, the groups we belong to, our environment and our interpretation and experience of this has all conspired together for us to be the person we are. We are unique.

We each have a unique point of view that is of value.

Benefits to Live Life Purpose-fully:

  • Life has more meaning.
  • Life is more fulfilling.
  • We boost our self-worth because we are adding value.
  • We can distinguish important from urgent, the difference between busyness and activities that will support and align with our Life Purpose.

Distinguish Meaning, Purpose and Intent:

The way I use these terms distinguish the degree to which we are engaged. It is a progressive process. I don’t believe we can set intent unless we know what we want to set our intent on.
  • Meaning is the thought; READY!
  • Purpose is to put forth; AIM!
  • Intent is to strain, eager, with increased intensity, determination and emotion; LOCK ON TARGET!

Once we have set our intent, there is e-motion (energy for motion), and it takes care of the rest. We are moved to act in accordance with our Purpose which gives our life Meaning. FIRE!

Live Life Purpose has 2 meanings:

Firstly, that we Live Life Purpose as in Living it, which implies daily PRACTICE, i.e. consistent, regular ACTION, DOING IT. We walk our talk!
Secondly, Live Life Purpose as in alive and living; dynamically changing as we change and adjusting it as needed.

Ego Purpose v.s. Soul Purpose:

Ego Purpose has to do with self, money, power, image, status and aggrandizement; having lots of money, driving a snazzy, top-of-the-range car, having a “sexy goose or gander” on your arm, keeping up with the Jones’s, a mansion on the hill, etc. There is nothing wrong with this, and if it is a big enough incentive, go for it.

My experience is that these do not satisfy, and as soon as we have had it for a while, we want more, bigger and better.

It is like eating sugar. It is empty calories and has no nutritive power. We feel unsatisfied so we have some more, and more. And so on. We keep on feeling something is missing. We remain hungry.

… We usually need a lot more effort, willpower, tenacity, motivation, and force to make this happen. If you are into struggle, dig S&M and corporal punishment, this may be an option for you.

I am lazy, like things to run smoothly, and to happen with as little effort as possible, so I rather opt for something that has greater, more pleasurable and less painful returns.

Higher, Soul Purpose has to do with other (other people, the planet, the environment) and service of some kind; making the world a better place to live in, fixing wrongs, helping others, pushing boundaries, exploring new ground, solving problems, being of assistance in some way.

This feeds the soul and is fulfilling.

Because we love doing it, it unleashes our passion, it is inspiring, has inherent incentive and motivation, gives us drive, and it happens with greater ease. We usually find this compelling and do this even if we don’t get paid.

Changing Life Purpose:

Our Life Purpose can, and does change over time. As a species our hardwired Purpose is to procreate, to ensure the survival of the species. During our fertile years the overpowering purpose may be to have and rear a family. This does not preclude us preparing for, or even living our Soul Purpose at the same time.

Conscious choice to Live Life Purpose:

Having a conscious purpose gives one the opportunity to choose consciously when we are presented with experiences, situations and challenges. If we don’t know how we want to live our life, anything goes.
Like in Alice in Wonderland: “If you don’t know where you want to go, then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”

If we have a purpose the choice is easier as to what is important in our lives.

Find and Live Life Purpose Exercise:

We need to find our Purpose before we can Live our Life Purpose.

If you know what your Purpose is, and believe you already Live your Life Purpose, you may want to skip this bit. However, there is no harm in doing it and making sure you can’t hone it.

To do the “Find and Live your Life Purpose Exercise” you need uninterrupted time, between 10 and 60 minutes for the answers, and the same again to make sense of it. You will also need a pen and paper for this process. I would suggest you go to the loo before you start, otherwise your bladder may interrupt the flow.

As pre-requisite I would like to invite you to put all your pre-conceived ideas behind you. Have as clean a slate as possible in your mind. The more open you are to this process and the more you expect it to work, the faster it will work for you. If you have doubts or think it is a lot of baloney (hogwash), that’s fine, as long as you go with the process and do it anyway. It may just take a bit longer.

Take a deep breath, leaving your troubles behind. Imagine that you can leave everything in a box outside your door. Close the door on it.

Take your pen and paper. Write: “What is my true purpose in life?”, “What is the highest expression of my purpose in life?”, “What is my soul’s purpose for being on the planet at this time?”… … Answer the question again, and again, till you get one of the following things happening:

  • Your spirits lift suddenly and you have a surging feeling of joy. Getting warmer.
  • Your whole body is suddenly covered in gooseflesh. Warmer still.
  • You burst into tears, or are overwhelmed by emotion. You got it!
The greater the feeling you get, the closer you are to your higher purpose.

If you get stuck, write the questions again. If you get any feeling, make a mark next to your answer. You can colour code it, or give it a rating, say 1-5, or give it a percentage, whatever suits you best.

Persistence has virtue:

After about 25-30 answers you may feel like quitting, please Don’t! You are on the verge of a breakthrough. Persist! After 50 or so, you may think it is tedious, but you are now getting to the juicy bits that go beyond the obvious, the pat answers, into more subconscious territory. Carry on even if it sounds like rubbish or makes no sense, just write. This is not an editing exercise, so write whatever comes up, don’t discard anything. It may hint at something that you have not found the right words for yet. After 75 you will probably find that you have to go to the loo, your body is giving you a hard time, or you get sidetracked. When this happens, and you notice it, just come back to the process at hand. It is your ego trying to trick you. (The ego likes keeping the status quo).

Let it sink in:

Once you have it, let it sink in. Sit with it for a while. This is a great achievement, congratulate yourself. Few people do this consciously. Most of us blunder along day by day and wonder why we feel there must be more to life than this.

After a hundred answers, or an hour, and you don’t have a breakthrough experience, don’t fret, you have a wealth of information to work with.

Compile your Live Life Purpose Statement:

Now, go back to the answers, pick out the ones you have highlighted. These may be subareas of your purpose, or areas that need more fleshing out. You may find a trend or facets of something that hints at a bigger picture. See if you can find the essence of what is being hinted at. Maybe all you need is a bit of rewording. Look for synonyms till you find words that ‘grab’ you. Use a thesaurus if you get stuck. Consolidate this into a Purpose Statement.

By now you should have a pretty good idea what your Calling is. Make sure it excites you. If it doesn’t, reword it till it does. Your Live Life Purpose Statement must be compelling enough to make you want to Live your Life Purpose and Fulfil your Destiny.

Gift in the Process:

Please consider what the highlight of this, "Live Life Purpose" process was for you. I would appreciate it if you would send me a line as to what it was that stood out for you. Please contact me. Click here.

Live Purpose:

Life happens. Sh*t happens. We get off track. If our Live Life Purpose Statement is strong enough it will keep us on track to live our purpose, if not, we may give up or even forget it in the day to day activities. A year or two may pass and it will pop up again, we make an effort, things happen, and so the process continues.

Get into the fast lane:

To stay on track, or even get into the fast lane we need to find what it is that will get us there and keep us there.

Get turbo charged:

I would be delighted to help you with the process to Live Purpose-fully. Please contact me. Click here


Dictionary Definitions of Mean, Meaning, Purpose and Intent:

Mean & Meaning:
Cassell’s: Mean; To have in the mind, to purpose, to intend, to design, to denote, to destine (for); to signify, to intend to convey or to indicate. v.i. to have a specified intention or disposition.
Meaning: That which is meant, significance, import

Oxford: Mean; Be of some (specified) importance to (person), esp. as source of benefit or object of affection -use/stand for READY!

Purpose: (to propose) – to put forth?
Cassells: End or aim, object, intention, design, meaning, purport, effect, result, consequence

Oxford: Object to be attained, thing intended AIM!

Intent (stretch) & Intention:
Cassells ; in order that, having the mind bent or strained on an object, sedulously applied (on) fixed, resolved, earnestIntention – determination to act in some particular manner, special purpose to perform an act of devotion with a particular object in view, ultimate aim or object.
Implies straining or stretching – increased intensity, strong, heightened (with emotion)

Oxford: resolved, bent, attentively occupied, earnest, eager LOCK ON TARGET!


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