This How to get more clients process is essential for startups.

How to get more clients for startups

This process can work as well for people who already have a coaching business going.
  1. Get a book.
  2. Open it so that you have a double space (2 pages)
  3. Divide the pages into 6 columns.
  4. In the 1st column make a list of the people you know, go beyond the obvious.
  5. In the 2nd column write down what they are struggling with at the moment.
  6. In the 3rd column write down what you can assist them with and how.
  7. In the 4th column write their phone numbers.
  8. In the 5th column have an indication whether you got hold of them or their answering machine so that you can keep phoning till you get hold of them.
  9. In the 6th column you can write down when your first meeting is and other information like your agreement and terms. Remember to transfer the meeting info to your diary and/or calendar.

  10. For the people you can assist, start phoning them.
(For new coaches.)Rather get coaching and the practice first, even if you don’t get paid. Money will come later. If they offer to pay, ask them what they would feel comfortable paying.

Give a free introductory session

Decide how many sessions you are prepared to give for free/reduced rate and make sure you spell that out to them. If you have made an impression, they will probably continue with the coaching, and you have a client. (For new coaches)If they don’t want to continue, you have had the practice. Ask them what you could have done better or differently, what would have worked better for them.

... The fact that you have done it at this stage is much more important than how successful you are in keeping your clients. You will get better at that as you go along.

Remember to ask for Referrals

(all coaches)Do your clients know anyone who could do with some coaching? If you have a referral you have more leeway because you are referred by someone they know and you will probably be able to ask for some payment.

Always ask for a testimonial

(all coaches)Ask for a testimonial, unless it was a total disaster. Sometimes we have personality clashes. Don’t let it get to you. Move on. However, if you get it a lot, I would suggest you have some observed coaching sessions to see what is going wrong.

(new coaches)Remember when you learnt to ride a bike. In the beginning it was difficult to keep your balance, but with practice you became good at it. Babies don’t get up and walk on their first day, it takes time and yet we are all walking upright. You don’t see people crawling around the streets, unless they are crippled or inebriated, and even then they.

As soon as you have enough confidence, only have the first introductory session free. Get them so fired up and IMT’d (Inspired, Motivated and Touched) that they can’t possibly say no to being coached and becoming a client.

Please let me know how this has helped you, how you are doing getting more clients, and also if you have any questions that are unanswered with regard to how to get more clients, or any other assistance you may need. I will help where I can.

All the very best in coaching.


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