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Most of our health challenges are as a result of incorrect breathing and trapped energy due to trauma.


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Health Service Directory for Health Professionals

Shiatsu practitioners

Shiatsu literally stands for finger pressure, which is combined with stretching and a variety of other techniques, used to relieve trapped energy and tension. [No need to get undressed for this form of therapy]

Janine Hayward
Shiatsu, Yoga, Relaxation, Monochord Music and Laughter Facilitation for groups
My focus is on helping people to find natural ways to relax. In shiatsu I incorporate sound healing with a special tuning fork whose frequency opens the heart center quite naturally.
Travelling Therapist; I come to you.



Massage with aromatherapy oils. When essential (aromatherapy) oils evaporate into the air, they release their energy as fragrance, which is absorbed by the olfactory nerves (smell), transferred to the blood and carried to every part of the body to increase energy balance. Waste is harmlessly excreted through the kidneys and/or lungs. It is believed that healing also takes place at an etheric level. [You need to get undressed for this]


Reflexology / Reflexologists

Reflexology tunes and balances the body by stimulating reflex points on the feet, hands and face. These reflex points are energy junctions that relay and reinforce energy along meridian lines of the body, passing energy toward the organs and nervous system. [You only need to remove your shoes and socks. Preferable to wash your feet before treatment if you can]


Reiki Masters

Reiki uses symbols to connect to source and then guides the energy (chi) by intent to facilitate healing. [You can keep your clothes on]


Swedish Massage

The soft tissues of the body is manipulated by the hands. Various massage techniques produce effects on the lymph, muscular and nervous systems of the body.


Body Stress Release



There are various forms of yoga that work with different aspects of the body, mind and spirit. For me yoga and meditation is the number one stress reducing practice.






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LOCATION: Kommetjie, South Africa -

I work and live in Kommetjie, a far Southern Suburb of Cape Town, on the Atlantic Seaboard. Region: Western Cape (WC) in the Cape Province, (R.S.A.)

Places close by are Scarborough, Ocean View, Imhoff Farm, Capri Village, Masiphumelele, Glencairn Heights, Misty Cliffs, Simon's Town, Kalk Bay, Lakeside, Muizenberg, St James, Fishhoek, Noordhoek, Sun Valley, Sunnydale, and Milkwood Park.


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