Your Fairy Godmother wants to make your wishes come true

Is your fairy Godmother active or passive?

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Each one of us has a Guardian Angel, Fairy Godmother (call it what you like) that watches over us and has our best interests at heart.

As we grow older we forget the magic of our childhood, our dreams get second place to the hassle and bustle to make a living.

What if......All you needed was for you to make time in your day to nurture your dream, that thing that you are wishing for, but think it can't come true because.....(fill in the blanks). What if.....All you needed was to write it down, and it would happen????? What if the magic wand is your thoughts and your attention, your intent?

There are so many stories in all the folklore, in all the traditions about something, someone, being able to grant our wishes. What if that person was us?

How about giving it a bash. How about you make your wishes come true. Write it down below.

Fairy Godmother Magic Wand

If your Fairy Godmother granted you a wish, what would it be?

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