What is your relationship with your computer friend or foe?

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Make your Computer your Friend, not Foe

Sonja Wilker Coaching Stars

Computer or Confuser?

My friends often complain about their computers. A lot of people would rather call the Computer a CONFUSER as it often does things that you have no idea how the hell it got to that place. Sometimes, no matter what you try, it doesn’t do what you think it should. This happens to me too, at times, even though I have been working on, and with computers for the best part of thirty years.

Feel like the computer is your enemy or foe rather than an aid, not to mention friend?

When you have worked with computers for this long, one finds ways to eliminate the hassle and frustration to a large degree. I have found elegant solutions to a lot of problems and challenges. To assist you, I will be sending out tips, techniques, and special procedures to make your life a whole lot easier, and help you to get your computer to be more like a personal assistant than something you work on with resistance, because in this day and age you HAVE to.

I will also be sending out information on how to get more knowledgeable about the Internet and how to get a web presence, if you are interested in doing that.

If you have any special requirements I would be happy to help with that. My partner is even more of a techie than I am and if I don’t have the answers, between the two of us I am sure we can find a solution.

We may not send answers to your questions immediately, unless you indicate that it is a life and death situation.

Get computer savvy with our Computer Savvy Newsletter

We will use your, and our, most pressing challenges as examples in the next edition of our Computer Savvy Newsletter. Some things you may already know, or not, and other things you may think you know, but don’t know all of it.

Initial ideas that we will be addressing in the Computer Savvy Newsletters (not all at once, but over time):

  • How to make sure you don’t lose your prized family and other digital pictures, research, e-mails, and other really important stuff you have been collecting over the years and have saved on your computer.
  • What to do to recover from a computer virus or computer crash, without wasting too much time and without too much hassle.
  • How to up-load, organise, and manipulate your digital pictures, and create web albums if you want to.
  • Indicate what FREE stuff you can use to automate certain tasks that will make your life easier and won’t crash your machine.
  • Shortcuts to use in Word
  • How to format documents and create templates.
  • How to get an automatic Table of Contents for any document.
  • Ways to organise your files so that you can find them when you need them, easily and quickly.
  • What to do so you never get the message: your email INBOX IS FULL!
  • How to get much less unwanted or unsolicited emails.
  • How to make your computer more of a personal assistant that helps you rather than limits you.
  • Learn to love your computer for what it does for you, not hate it for what it does to you.
  • Benefits and drawbacks of Social Media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the likes, and how to engage with it.
  • And much, much more….

Further in the future we may address things like Search Engine Optimization, and how to use keywords in your website. We will explain terms like PPC, CPC, and others, if you are interested in it.

Help us help you

What would you like to know more about? What is the first thing(s) you would like to know more about to turn your computer from foe to friend? It doesn’t have to be in the list above. It can be anything. If you have a list, please put them in order of priority or urgency.

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