Coaching testimonials - recommend Sonja as coach.

Carol's Coaching Testimonial

I work from home as a freelance artist and Life Alignment Practitioner. I was able to make ends meet, but there was no extra cash for emergencies and certainly none for luxuries and entertainment.

I felt I needed marketing strategies, a structure that was professional, to manage my time more efficiently, and I needed a car to get around in.

In my mind I had thought that by going for coaching I would be handed a package by the life coach, on how to run my business smoothly and it would include all the things I was struggling with.

To my great surprise, I was coached into first of all naming the areas of weakness and to make certain commitments to myself. Once I had made the commitments, I felt the responsibility of owning my business and really taking care of it as opposed to someone else telling me how to do it. Through a specific set of questions, I was coached into my own power and made promises to myself to do what needed to be done to improve in all the areas I had named. I was pushed beyond my comfort zone to be creative and to challenge myself to be extraordinary which I would not have had the courage to do on my own.

I left feeling very positive, excited and ready to put into action all the new ideas and choices I had made for my business. Once home, I reorganized my workspace and put up calendars with all my goals on them to remind myself of my promises. This process has made me feel enlivened, empowered and hopeful. Carol hugging her new car

It has been a year now. I have my new car, my financial situation has improved, and I am as enthusiastic as the day I walked out of my sessions with Sonja, my life coach.

I highly recommend coaching to other freelance people who need to empower themselves.

Willemien's Coaching testimonial

I had my first coaching session with Sonja in February. I was unsure how to proceed with making important decisions regarding a possible future career. She helped me in, first of all verbalizing my needs, hopes and dreams, and then in setting goals in order to achieve these. In a supportive and professional way she gently nudged me (with a sharp elbow) out of my comfort zone.

During the Observed Coaching Session we pinpointed specific areas in which I would like to achieve success and discussed ways of putting it into practice.

I found Sonja to be a good listener and a perceptive and caring person. I was especially pleased to find a life coach who was able to understand my spiritual as well as my material aspirations. I always felt at ease in her company and enjoyed her sense of humor. Her coaching helped me to focus my scattered energy into a worthwhile project.

One of the ideas I had at the time, was to channel my creative energy into making jewelry. With Sonja’s guidance I started working on a business plan and implemented the project. Four months later I received my first order and am in business! Six months later I have interest from abroad and the possibility of exporting.

I look forward to further sessions with her.

Rayhaana's Coaching Testimonial

I have been privileged to be coached by Sonja Wilker.

During my sessions with Sonja I had huge break-throughs. One of the insights I gained was that of being kind to myself and having true commitment in creating my own opportunities in order to lead a more fulfilling life.

Sonja has proved to be a more sound person that displays a diligent and conscientious attitude towards her own commitments and awareness and thus supporting me in producing the best outcome for myself. Sonja has displayed all the qualities and abilities of a coach. I found her insightful and able to challenge, not for the sake of challenging but when she felt that I was ready to address an issue that requires possible deeper analysis.

I found her to be tenacious, employing effort and sincerity to facilitate me through my journey or rather to find light at the end of the tunnel. I am very comfortable, supported and not judged being coached by Sonja.

Another Carol's Coaching Testimonial

I was very lucky to get Sonja as my coach. She has a wonderful coaching style that makes it easy to search deeper within myself to gain clarity on how to achieve the goals I set. She is a supportive, compassionate and dedicated coach that not only helped me to achieve my goals, but also made me aware of maintaining a healthy balance between body, mind and soul (as well as keeping a healthy sense of humour). I have no reservation in recommending Sonja as a life coach.

Gill's Coaching Testimonial

During my coaching sessions with Sonja she has become more than just a coach. She has also become a friend and confidante. However, she never lets me lose track of the reason I'm there: to pin down the goals that are important to me and discover my ability to achieve them.

Tania's Coaching Testimonial

I was Sonja's 'guinea pig' during her training as a coach. I was honoured that she chose me. The sessions came at a good time as I was working through some decisions regarding work, family, home and travel.

I am naturally more inclined to choose the slow, in depth route rather than quick fixes. And therefore went into the sessions with a belief that therapy is a better way than coaching to deal with issues and decisions.

I ended the sessions with a more open view towards the coaching process. Sonja, by challenging my naturally procrastinating flaneuse self, by helping me set short-term and long-term goals, facilitated the beginning of a decision- making and action-taking process regarding some important apects of my life. For this I am grateful.

Alexandra's Coaching Testimonial

My overall observation is that Sonja is a committed coach who believes in my greatness and has assist me in achieving great insights and awareness of myself. Her time integrity is impeccable and she has built a good rapport with me.

Her dedication to coaching is exemplary and although she demanded the best from me, she was always compassionate. I have enjoyed my coaching sessions with her and through her coaching I have achieved specific goals and have realised my strengths and counteracted my negative beliefs in order to be in action.

I therefore recommend Sonja Wilker as a coach.

Martijn Brunott's Testimonial

When I met Sonja I saw a quiet, reserved type, very friendly and chatty, but I got the impression she was holding something, of herself, back.

I decided to do CCI Master 1 coaching training, and, to my pleasant surprise, Sonja was one of the assistants. I have never been as shocked, scared, and utterly surprised, with anyone, as when Sonja chose to go up-front and show how to channel “anger energy”.

I found myself taking a step back in disbelief. I can't begin to explain how liberating it was. Sonja did something I would NEVER in my life dream of doing! The topic Sonja chose as channel for her “anger energy” was as much of a surprise as the process, and something opened up inside of me.

When it came to my turn I made 40% the effort Sonja had! I left having reached 100% and I still go on about it to this day!

It really IS the most awesome, life-changing experience I have ever allowed myself to experience!

My business has grown in leaps and bounds due to my ability to channel my “anger energy” into things that are important to me.

A large portion of the reason I persevered and did all 4 modules of the training is due to the assistants on the courses, and Sonja was probably the one that made the biggest impression!

Martijn Brunott
IT Director - Netverse cc
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Cheetah Outreach Staff Coaching Testimonial

Good balance between professional, formal and fun exercises. Opportunity to voice concerns and problems that no one had the guts to talk about otherwise, and able to make changes.

Improved communication, cooperation, and tolerance toward each other, realising that we are all different and the diversity brings something more to the program.

Has made me realise what I want in life, and to succeed, I need to make a change.

Reference for Sonja Wilker

(from Silke Heiss)

I am a financially unambitious freelance mentor, editor, writer and artist, who have always existed on the margins of the economy, never expecting to be able to earn money using my natural talents and therefore doing just about anything for my bread and butter.

At the end of January, I had a single life-coaching session with Sonja at a crisis point on just about all levels in my life. What stood out immediately was the fact that she did not forcibly separate between my personal and spiritual inclinations and more practical and business-oriented concerns. This was profoundly re-assuring and empowering, as it showed me that Sonja's guidance is not purely function-oriented, but seeks to bring a person's total life into alignment.

In the four months that have passed since the session, my life's circumstances have been exceedingly demanding on every level, with unforeseen developments requiring my attention and taxing me deeply; so I have not 'boomed' in any way. However, I was fortunate to receive financial assistance, so that pressure on me eased somewhat. I also received an unexpected royalty payment, allowing me at last to buy new glasses for my eyes - a huge relief.

I have, despite all difficulties, managed to put in place important milestones: I wrote a fable for my son, effectively enabling him to understand why his father has moved to another province, and how the relationship between his father and myself has shifted; I exhibited my ceramics at a prestigious new gallery in Cape Town, and have accepted an offer of gallery space in the Eastern Cape – all to myself for an entire month! I am organising poetry readings with a fellow South African poet, who is also my new man, and have already built up a list of supporters in the Eastern Cape, where my son and I will move at year-end. My husband has a new woman, but he and I have agreed on a peaceable arrangement, avoiding divorce and putting our son's interests before our own without, however, denying our own unfoldings - I consider this a definite achievement of a fine balance, which requires ongoing emotional and administrative work. My husband is psychologically better off than ever and is steadily gaining financial ground.

While I am still working mainly for free providing feedback to cash-strapped writers, I am for the first time in my life garnering a small income for such work – and I expect that only to grow.

As if to prove the universe has a sense of humour, I have recently in a beautifully produced book had a short story published, entitled: Don't take me for free - !

Thank you, Sonja: your session gave me precious rich grains of pollen to nourish the new and complex hive my fate is asking me to build!

- Silke Heiss Simonstown, June


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