Coaching Questionnaire Questions

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Coaching Questions

Filling in the Coaching Questionnaire is the next step in the process to get selected for FREE Coaching and in realising your dreams. You will find by answering the questionnaire, you will clarify your position, your dream, and your vision.

NOTE: The more consideration you give this, the better your results.

Coaching Questions - Next step in selection process

First Name*
Last Name*
E-mail Address*
Home Phone*
Business Phone*
Street Address
Zip/Postal Code*
Web Site URL
Describe the problem you want to work on/solve, or what aspect you want improved.*
Where are you now? What is your current position/situation with regard to this challenge/problem? What are the identifying criteria for you to recognize your current position?*
Where do you want to get to? By when? How will you know you've got it? What evidence will you have that you have been successful in this endeavor?*
What is this worth to you? Quantify in Rands. (This is for you to get the value of doing it)*
Why do you want this?*
What will this get you? (in response to previous question)*
Why do you want this? (in response to previous question)*
What will this get you? (in response to previous question)*
What do you need to progress? (not money or time as these need special treatment and are always a part of the problem) Do you need a skill? Resources? Info? Research? Training? Something else?*
Are there any pre-requisites for this? Do you need to do anything before you get the information, the skill, do the research, etc.?*
Thank you for answering the questions. Did you get anything out of answering the questions? What did you get, if anything? What was your gem?*
Is there anything else you would like to share, get off your chest, say or commment on?

Please enter the word that you see below.



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....Anything you can do, you can do it faster and better with a coach!....
Coaching Frequently Asked Question - FAQ
Coaching Definition
Coaching Benefits
Coaches Resources
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