Coaching FAQ: Questions Answered

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Is Coaching suitable for everyone?

Coaching is NOT suitable for people who do not want REAL change, who have been forced by a third party to commence with coaching, or has some psychological problem. In this case, for best results, I would suggest a Psychologist who is also a Coach to deal with the inherent situation first and then with the coaching.

Why does Coaching Work?

Coaching brings out the best in people. People are at their best when they get acknowledged for who and what they are. When they get the opportunity and freedom to express themselves fully, when their greater potential is revealed, when they can claim their power, and build their new realities as a result of positive change.
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What is a Coaching Position?

The Coaching Position is critical to good coaching. It is a position that is neutral, non-judgmental, with professional detachment, free of emotional entanglement, ego or personal bias.

What is the Main Objective of Coaching?

  1. Support you to clearly identify and define your goals and coach you till your goals are realistic, specific, defined, measurale and achievable.
  2. Help you find your own solutions, strategies and resources to overcome obstacles and coach you through time to achieve your desired outcomes.
  3. Motivate you to make the necessary commitment to your goal and be accountable to its success.
Note: Coaches use their skills (objective listening, skillful questioning, rapport building, creative thinking, etc.) and a toolbox of exercises and processes to help you help themselves.

What does a typical Coaching Session comprise of?

  1. Determine your goal, objective, outcome, desire, dream, or change wanted.
  2. Establish your commitment, why it is important to you and what is at stake if you don't achieve it.
  3. Explore Solutions, Strategies, Tactics, for achieving your goal.
  4. Find ways to identify whether you are still on track with specific milestones along the way and how to measure whether your desired outcome has been achieved every step of the way.

    Coaching Process

    Q: How do we communicate?
    A: There are a number of ways that we interact with you (the client):
    • Face-to-face One-on-one
    • In a workshop situation
    • In a training setup
    • Group settings
  5. Telephone
  6. Skype or Google Talk
  7. Via e-mail
    Q: What is the price/investment?
    A: Each client has different needs so the investment or price is negotiated individually.

    Q: If I want to have a face to face, where are you situated?
    A: We are situated in Sea Point, South Africa. We can organise to meet somewhere. I also go out to organisations.

    Other questions

    Q:What is my speciality?
    A:For individuals it is Life Coaching and finding a compelling Purpose, because I believe it all starts with the individual, everything else follows from that. The effects ripple out from there to improve Relationships, Health, Finances, Career, and so on.

    I love working with youth, finding out what their aspirations are and getting them off the ground.

    My favorite is assisting women to find their voice and honor themselves.

    My mission is to assist executives to find balance and reduce stress.

    Organisational Coaching

    For organisations I assist with the facilitation of the following:
    • Capacity Building.
    • Strategic Planning.
    • Mission, Vision, Values.
    • Time Management: Beat procrastination and getting things done efficiently and effectively.
    • Stress Management: Find ways to slow down and make space for the important things in life.

    Please feel free to contact me for futher information. Please click here to contact me


    MY MOTTO ...If you chase the love of doing something, rather than chasing the money, the money will eventually start chasing you... - S Wilker

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