Coaching benefits you. It is a big deal because it gives us a fast forward option to get our lives in order.

Coaching Benefits described in terms of ROI and other proof that it works

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Coaching Benefits and Research: Return on Investment as a result of Coaching.

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Benefits of coaching, working with a coach, or even, coaches.

Sonja Wilker Coaching Stars
A coach assists you to:
  1. Take more, better and smarter actions: Because you set the goals you really want.
    People all do what they really want to do anyway. To leverage this, my first task is to assist you to find out exactly what you really want for yourself and your business. Life is full of many things to accomplish and we rarely, if ever, take the opportunity to envision what we want. I help you to distinguish between all the things you feel you must, should, have to, ought to do, and what you really desire and want. Once you create your desired goal, you are much more likely to take consistent action to achieve it. It is very rewarding to make progress and see your dreams become a reality.
  2. Have a well-balanced, nourishing and flourishing life.
    Having it all means finding our balance and honouring who and what we are. This sense of self-contentment underpins everything else. It is time for us to live well, be healthy, get our needs met, and still have people like us.
  3. Have a lot more sustainable energy and joy; bright-eyed and bushy tailed.
    Doing things we don’t really want to drains our energy. Life feels like a struggle. With a sense of direction and purpose life has more meaning. An openness to fresh perspectives makes it easier to deal with problems, frustrations and challenges, and even change these into opportunities. When we take care of our own needs we have more personal satisfaction with life and work. A greater awareness of what makes us tick enhances our capacity, compassion and understanding of others. Use time more efficiently and effectively.
    It is no use being frenetically busy and not getting to where we want to be. You’ll get your priorities right and identify the difference between what is important and urgent and how to deal with that, and what to delegate to remove the clutter and busyness.
  4. Have more money sense.
    You are worth much more than you are making, actually you can’t be paid what you are worth. And yet we squander so much and get into debt. Together we’ll find what will work for you. We’ll set up a financial plan to have and generate more money, get rid of debt, and move towards greater financial independence. You’ll design a strategy that will help you increase your income, reduce your overheads, and get more from your professional efforts.
  5. Have clear focus. Make better decisions for yourself and your business.
    I believe you are naturally creative and resourceful. We are all very smart and have tons of ideas, but we don’t act on them for various reasons. There is huge value in sharing ideas with someone you can trust to give you an honest, constructive opinion. It may not always be easy to hear. Remember I have your best interests at heart. Just talking about your options is often enough to have it all become clear.
  6. Reach for more, much more.
    For me the greatest coaching benefits is getting to do what you are passionate about. Loving what you do is surely better than merely making ends meet. Moving from a problem oriented to solution or opportunity oriented mindset you actively find ways of moving forward and beyond that which used to keep you stuck.

Salman Rushdie had a saying I can relate to: "One of the things a writer is good for is to say the unsayable, speak the unspeakable and ask difficult questions." (1947). – Replace “writer” with “coach”.

Why coaching is a big deal.

The traditional assistance model was one of                        
  • teacher – student,
  • mentor – mentee,
  • consultant – client,
  • preacher – hapless subject.

Even though the advice may have been great and the plans wonderful, they were really offered in the spirit of:

"If you do what I say, all will be well."

Left to our own devices, we struggle and often fail to reach our expected results.

  1. We may not understand the implications of the specifics of what we were told. The sequence or the relationship between each part, and/or action, may be more significant than we realise. We may not have bought into it entirely because our circumstance is different in some way, or we may think it is.
  2. Even if we are left with precise step-by-step processes and procedures, “How” it can fit into our reality, may not be discussed.
  3. When your capabilities, knowledge and resources aren’t matched to the task at hand, even though you invest a lot of effort and/or time, it leads to limited results and frustration. Being in a coaching partnership you have the support while you face your challenges and overcome your obstacles. We often start off well, but get stuck. This gives you a safe space to get over it.

Coaching assists us to identify how and why we don’t achieve what we set out to, and gives us the tools and support to move beyond the obstacles.

Research about Coaching Benefits

Manchester Report

Manchester Consulting Inc. report 5.7 times Return on money Invested (ROI) in a study of 100 executives that completed a coaching program between 1996 and 2000.

As a result of coaching, executives became more aware of self and others and that they assumed more responsibility for their actions.

Impacts and Benefits of Coaching:

  • Improved teamwork
  • Improved relationship with peers                              
  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Reduced conflict
  • Positive changes in performance

Harvard University study on Performance Enhanced Culture, 1992

This older study is even more impressive. In a performance enhanced culture, learning and personal development is accepted and expected to the point where the whole organization has built up a supporting infrastructure and system to facilitate this.
Measurement: Benefits of CoachingWith Performance Enhanced CultureWithoutPerformance Enhanced Culture
Revenue Growth680%166%
Employment Growth282%36%
Stock Price Growth901%74%
Net Income Growth756%1%

Source: Performance Measure Study over 11 year period - Harvard University. From Kotter and Hasket 1992.


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The real proof of the pudding is in the eating

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