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Sonja Wilker
Life & Business Transformation Coach
Identify the stumbling blocks that keep you from achieving what you want. Define and realise your ideal Lifestyle. Live a full, juicy life; one of meaning, purpose, passion, and enjoy the process.
Coaching Stars
John Whitcombe & Associates
Financial and Business Coach
Business and management advisory counsel, coaching and mentoring – down to earth, practical help for busy managers, directors and owners.
Savannah Steinberg
Relationship Coach
With Relationship Coaching you learn to express yourself fully when you realise that YOU DO have the power to transform any expectation, complaint, frustration, aggression or resignation into creative action that is in alignment with the vision you choose to live, and steer your relationship in the direction you choose.
Relationship Coach
Steyn Viljoen
Youth, Career, and Relationship Coach
Types of Coaching: Youth, Careers, Relationships, Wellness, Spiritual, and Sport
Cog Coaching
Brenda van Straaten
Performance Coaching
Increase your personal power, Get things done and Time management
New Clear Energy
Dominique Ripoll-Dausa
Business/Life Coach.
Coaching gives you time to think about what is important in your life and turns your goals into action. The coach is your ally on the journey.

Magda Strachan
Business/Life Coach.
Empowering individuals who want to discover who they are, what they want out of life, what their passions are, and are not afraid to take the journey and see it through.
Sash Consulting

Karen Pratt
Life Coach.
Living a balanced and integral life, especially in times of transition. Karen is a qualified coach, a coach supervisor, and certified Transactional Analyst. She uses TA to inform her coaching and is affiliated to the ITAA and COMENSA.

Julie Topat
Life Coach
SACAP graduate focusing on Solution-based coaching: Personal, family, relationship, time management, and career.

Shamillah Wilson
Entrepreneur and Leadership Coach
Completed BA (UCT). Qualified Consciousness Coach. MBA (University of Liverpool. Entrepreneur - owner Sowilo Leadership Solutions and Career Vision.
Sowilo Leadership Solutions and Career Vision.
Grant Hamel
NLP & Rapid Change Coach
I have been a trainer for over 20 years and a professional NLP high performance coach since 2005.
Latitude Training.
Rowayda Lee
Life Coach
My life's purpose is to help you realize your potential, to see you achieve your goal's and create the life you want and love. I help you remove the barriers that stands between you and you reaching your goal's which results in you being free, powerful, fully self -expressed and passionate about the life you want. Specialising in: Goal setting, Healthy lifestyle, Empowering the women within, Finding your passion, and Living the life you love.
Rayhaana Jaffer
Relationship Coach
Supporting you in unlocking your true potential so that you are able to impact all areas of your life – be it work, relationships or personal.
Center Connection.
Bruce Wayde
Entrepreneur and Leadership Coach
Developing business owners to and beyond their goals giving them the unfair advantage in the business world through personal coaching, business mentoring, network workshops and professional support.
Entrepereneur Incubator.
Karen Grant
Business Coach
Coaching particularly new managers who need to get acquainted and conversant with management skills.

Karen is passionate about people, their growth and that they work where their passion lies. Karen's formal qualifications are an Honours in Marketing and Strategic Management and she has been trained as a facilitator, coach and Lifeline Counsellor In addition she is an acccredited facilitator of the Strength Deployment Inventory, a relationship awareness tool, and the Purposeful Teams™ programme, a powerful team intervention. She has spent the last 16 years working in the communications and training industries, the last eight of which were in the Business Development and training divisions of Ernst & Young. Karen has worked abroad in the UK and at an actuarial firm in Singapore, and brings a unique set of skills and experience to all her training and coaching work.
Karen Grant.

Julia Griss
Consciousness Coach
Consciousness Coach
  • Solution Focussed Brief Therapy
  • Mindfulness Coaching
  • Consciousness Coaching

I can guide you in taking the next leap forward in consciousness by engaging in empowering and motivating coaching that will help you move in the direction of creating awesome and achievable goals. (Located in Pringle Bay Area)
Inner Edge.

by Barbra Sundquist

By 'Soaking In' Great Coaching Your Coaching Becomes More Masterful

The two CDs together contain 130 minutes of recorded coaching conversations plus commentary from Barbra Sundquist (Certifying Examiner for the International Association of Coaches (IAC) and Certified Mentor Coach), allowing you to absorb the nuances of one style of masterful coaching, and come to understand why Barbra coached as she did through her commentary after each segment.

Sound of Coaching CD

SOUTH AFRICA, Johannesburg

Anel Bester
When you want to have your cake and eat it.
Where the Mind goes the Body can follow.
Cinnabar Coaching
Dina Cramer
Life Coach
Coaching areas: Life, Business, Financial, Stress management, creativity, being the best you can be... whether it is being a mom, home executive or CEO.
Wellness at work
Berdine Bronkhorst
Consciousness Coach.
Come "see" your SELF. I specilaise in Life-, Business-, Weight Wisdom Coaching, Motivational speaking and Sales mastery
inVision Coaching
Samantha Prinsloo
Life Coach.
Samantha Prinsloo, International Meta Life Coach, and founder of Life Coach 4U, Master Coaching, The Success Coach and a leading authority on Life Success.

If you are ready to jump-start your life, make more money, have more fun and joy in all that you do.
Lifecoach 4U

Barbara Walsh
Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Executives, Business Leaders and Teams. Workshops and Tailored Coaching Programmes.

I am a licensed Meta-Coach and hold the internationally-recognised Associate Certified Meta-Coach qualification. Together with this, I am also a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming/Neuro-Semantics Master Practitioner (Business Leadership. My key focus areas are Meta-Coaching my corporate and small business clients, and on Business Development for MetaCo.

I am the Chairperson of the Coaching & Mentoring Committee of the Johannesburg Branch of the Business Women’s Association (BWA), and write a regular leadership column for the BWA Magazine.

I have a background of over 30 years in business, and over this time, have held management and directorship positions within some of the largest corporate travel agency groups in South Africa.

At heart I am an entrepreneur, and over the past 15 years have started a number of businesses from scratch. These include SA Tourism’s Tour Operator of the Year for 2009, Specialised African Tour Services and a new social events company, Great Conversations, which I still co-own.

I have a solid understanding and appreciation of the challenges with which businesses today are faced, and thoroughly enjoy facilitating successful, measurable and sustainable solutions through various Meta-Coaching interventions.
Meta Coach

Verna van Schaik
Consciousness Coach.
Life Skills, Habits of Being, Aligning who you are being with what you want to achieve.

World record holder, Verna van Schaik started The Exploration Academy that focuses on creating lasting change in lives by creating support, the courage to get curious, clarity on what you want and finally clarity on who you are being and how that is supporting your goals.
The Exploration Academy



Stanley Beckett
Wealth Consciousness Coach.
Qualified and certified life and consciousness coach at CCI, one of the top coaching institutions world wide. To follow my true passion and become a wealth consciousness coach, I worked with Bob Proctor (teacher from the movie "The Secret") and am now activly coaching his materials as well as holding world class seminars. As Consciousness coach and lifesuccess consultant, I will take you to heights you never dreamed possible.
Invision Coaching


Dawn Abraham
Life/Business Coach.
Partnering with professionals and entrepreneurs to create balanced lives while earning more money. Law of Attraction, Self Esteem, Abundance, Motivation, Private & Group Coaching, Free Life Changing Mp3's and Teleclasses.
Qualified Lifecoach
Ursula Knecht
Perth, Australia
Life Energy Expert at Energetic Life Solutions
My two ideal clients are:
  • The ones fed up with another diet and desperate to find a lasting solution to get the body of their dreams.
  • People with chronic back pain and other medical problems who are searching for a solution to handle their pain and get fit and healthy again.

Energetic Life Solutions
Paul Yates - UK
Life Coach.
Online coaching advice, tips and information for business growth, executive careers, personal life and sports performance together with how to start a coaching business.
Personal Lifecoaching Information


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LOCATION: Kommetjie, South Africa

I work and live in Kommetjie, a far Southern Suburb of Cape Town, on the Atlantic Seaboard.

Places close by are Scarborough, Ocean View, Imhoff Farm, Capri Village, Masiphumelele, Glencairn Heights, Misty Cliffs, Simon's Town, Kalk Bay, Lakeside, Muizenberg, St James, Fishhoek, Noordhoek, Sun Valley, Sunnydale, and Milkwood Park.


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