Bottled water is a disaster, toxic for your health, your pocket and our planet

Bottled water bad for you

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Bisphenol-A is a toxic chemical that leaches from plastic bottles and can cause cancerous cells to develop in the body. Hot temperatures increase the likelihood of the toxic chemical leaching into the water, as does long storage times.

Water is stored in warehouses where the temperatures reach 85F. During transportation the temperatures may go as high as 150F and during the loading and unloading the plastic bottles stand in the sun and the temperatures can reach 100F.

Bottled water disaster - Why do you think the incidence of cancer is escalating all over the world? Cancer is one of the biggest killers. Almost every second person has cancer.

Bottled water is bad for your pocket

In the US bottled water costs more than $1.50 per bottle. This is 1900 times the price of tap water. The average citizen spends more than $400 per year on bottled water. A whopping hundred billion dollars is spent on bottled water.

Bottled water is bad for the planet

1500 plastic bottles end up as garbage per second, in the US alone, according to the environmental think tank Earth Policy Institute (EPI)and has called it the bottled water disaster.

26,000,000,000 litres were drunk in 2004. This means about twenty eight billion bottles were produced of which more than 86% land up as garbage.

To make the plastic bottles 17,000,000 barrels of oil were used, enough to fuel 100,000 cars for a year! 2,500,000 tons of carbon dioxide was produced in the making of these plastic bottles, not to mention the transport costs to and from wharehouses and ultimately the shop where you bought the bottled water.

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and filterforgood (when it was still available)

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