Kommetjie is as close to Paradise on earth as one can get, for me

Kommetjie is my ideal place to live

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Halfway up the hillOur house is less than 100 meters from the water. Maybe not such a good thing with global warming??? When I wake up at night I can hear the soothing sound of waves washing against the shore. It puts me straight back to sleep again.

Behind the house we have a little hill. It takes us about an hour to get to the top, rest a while, and back again. We have encountered baboons on our way up as well as snakes, many birds, spiders and other insects, and of course people and their dogs. At the top of the mountain is an old block house and lookout. When you look down from the blockhouse you can see Slangkop Lighthouse.

Slangkop Lighthouse Lookout The wonderful thing about working from home is that if we have a glorious day, we just don our hiking boots and climb the mountain any time of the day, when we feel like it.kelp washed up after the storm

Kommetjie is an Afrikaans word that means small basin or container. 'Kommetjie gat' means a cup of coffee.

After the last storm we had to go 'bundu bashing' because the path was covered in kelp that had been washed up on the shore. Apparently there were 8m waves. It was during the spring tide.

Each time you go out the weather is different. One moment it can be raining, overcast, windy, misted over, and the next the sun can be shining and back again. All in one day. Never a dull moment. 2 boats in the mist 2 boats on outer kom

We often take a stroll down to the water with a mug of hot tea to watch the first rays of the sun touch the Kom, or in the evening to watch the last rays of the sun.

You often see fishermen standing waiting to catch something.

The waves are often spectacular in Kommetjie and there has been many a surfing competition hosted here with visitors coming from all over the globe. The surfers provide a constant spectacle. If there are waves, there are surfers.Fishing and Surfing

There is a person who loves building dolmens and every so often there will be a new arrangement as you walk along the catwalk. Dolmen

It is like a different planet on this side of the mountain. When we lived in Sea Point, we were a block away from the sea, and surrounded by other flats. There was always a lot of noise, with cars hooting, doors banging, people talking and sirens. We had a knock shop a block away with a lot of activity. There was also a lot of light, day and night.

The stars are brighter here because there is less light at night. It is quieter, less activity, and no sirens.

The terrain is wild, rugged and unspoilt. We love it.

2 birds passing in front of the full moon Spectacular Clouds


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