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Sonja Wilker Coaching Stars

Coach Coaching Stars

Find Balance

Coach Coaching Stars assists you to find that sweet balance that makes Life worth living, which gives you a sparkle in the eye, a spring in the step, and time for the things you value most in life.

No regrets

I am sure you don’t want to kick the bucket at 30, or sooner, because of too much stress and overwork. You also don’t want to say to yourself “I wish I had done x, y, z” when you turn 80, or when it is too late. Coaches assist you to fast forward to the things you most desire in life. Wheel of Life = Lifestyle Barometer

Coaches Coaching Stars

High Achievers have one thing in common, they all have at least one Coach, most of them have more than one, each coaching in a different area of interest. Look at the amazing results Sport Coaches get, e.g. Tiger Woods. Imagine what it can do for you.

Research findings on Return on Investment

Comensa logo …Research has shown that you get 500%-700% Return on Investment (ROI). So the value you get out of coaching far outweighs the cost.

See Coaching Benefits for more on research reports.

Benefits of Coaching

The most common areas that benefit from Coaching, in my book, are the following:
  • Increased Conscious Awareness that leads to Self Mastery – Personal / Life Coach
  • Improved Relationships with Self, Others and Environment – Relationship Coach
  • Living a more Meaningful, Purposeful life – Transformation,
  • Feel Healthier and Happier – Health Coach
  • Greater Financial Independence – Financial Coach
  • Greater Peace and Balance – Pleasure Coach
  • Enhanced Spirituality – Spiritual Coach
  • Excelling in your field – Career Coach
  • Set up, or, get your business humming – Business Coach
  • Become Wildly Imaginative, Innovative and Inventive – Creativity Coach
  • Specialising in Tennis, Golf, Swimming, etc. – Sport Coach

See Coaches Directory for a Coach to suit your needs.
Wow, what a wealth of information!! so happy to have received this, it's like a 'one-stop shop' thank you!!
- Julie T

See Coaching Benefits for more on Coaching Benefits.

Specialisation Coaching

There are Coaches that specialise in sub-categories to all of these, like Leadership -, Teamwork -, Change Management -, Capacity Building Coaching, and so on…


One of my specialities is Information Technology (IT)

With more than 30 years IT experience I help coaches and other service professionals to get electronically mobile.
  • Get Computer and Internet Savvy.
  • Get better exposure on the Internet.
    • Build Blogs that rock!
    • Build Websites that don't break the bank.
    • Assist with Infrastructure setup etc.

Be the best you can be

There is one thing all coaches have in common – they all want to help others be the very best they can be. Are you ready for the time of your life? I would be delighted to partner with you and Tap into your Riches! .... and then .... Create your fortune!

Change your mind, change your life

The decision lies entirely with you whether you would like to live life fully, or not.
(I wanted to say it lies in your hands, but it is not in your hands, it is in your thoughts. As a result of your thoughts, your habits drive your behaviour, because of the way you feel about things).

Our Brain is like a computer (cybernetic). We program our minds daily with our thoughts. It is time to re-program our minds and become all we can be.

In all of history, all spiritual traditions, it is said “As you think so you shall be”.

You are already using this power in your life. Your life is as it is because of the habitual thoughts, behaviour and actions, you have. So you are successful to the degree that you have what you want.

To transform anything in your life you need to change your mind and everything else will follow. I know this may sound controversial to some, but what have you got to lose to give it a try? You may gain much more than you ever imagined.

Life and/or Business Coaching is the fastest way to get what you have been trying to do for however long you have been trying. We are all competent in some areas, even exceptional, and not so fantastic in others. Coaches help you find what is stopping you and assist you to make it possible, if you are committed and willing to do the work. Search for a Coach near you in the Coaches Directory, or contact me for a FREE 15 minute introductory session to see whether you want to work with me, or not.


I love Coach Coaching Stars

What we will do together is find the thoughts that will get you to where you want to be and I will provide you with some tools and techniques to make the transition smoother and easier. Please click on this link to contact me.


I love feedback

If there is anything you would like to know that I have not covered, or want to make suggestions, comments, or want to let me know how the information on this site has impacted your life, please contact me. I really appreciate feedback. Please click on this link to contact me.

LOCATION: Kommetjie, South Africa -

I work and live in Kommetjie, a far Southern Suburb of Cape Town, on the Atlantic Seaboard. Province: Western Cape (W.C.) Country: R.S.A.

Old Kom view from the hilltop A view of the inner and outer kom from the hilltop

Places close by are Scarborough, Ocean View, Imhoff Farm, Capri Village, Masiphumelele, Glencairn Heights, Misty Cliffs, Simon's Town, Kalk Bay, Lakeside, Muizenberg, St James, Fishhoek, Noordhoek, Sun Valley, Sunnydale, and Milkwood Park.


Solo Build It!

 No 1 - Top Coaching Tool

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